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Not going to be alot of thing up here that are new. But sometimes I will have a submitting frenzy and have a ton of things on here.

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Greetings, fellow Fallout Equestira fans! I am Maverick Hunter, and I ask for you aid in a very special project. Many of you know about the project taken up by Equestria Softworks to create a full conversion mod for Fallout 3 based of the famous story Kkat, which has inspired many writers to create their own story and mods. I am one of those ponies, and I would love to bring the unique experience of playing as Frosty Winds from Fallout Equestria: Memories.

{Link to the thread:…}

I have planned out most of the mod and created Rumcake as a companion, though I lack both the time and skill to create the rest of the mod which is why I call on my fellow GECK users to assist me in this matter. :twilightsheepish:  I need help in every department, from voice-actors to creating custom weapons along with effects and anything you can contribute would go a long way. :twilightsmile:

Some highlights of the mod will include:

-Frosty's custom Anti-machine rifle and claw (The claw can be upgraded as you level up via Baked Potatoes, who modifies it as you level up. You gain it at the start of the game.)

-A custom intro and beginning based on the first few chapters of Memories, with flashbacks coming to the PC as time progresses in the game and certain locations are visited.

-A rank-based system for Frosty's personalities, with each level granting special benefits to the PC with use of said personality. Once they have reached a certain level, they will manifest themselves as physical characters and will continue to grant bonuses along with fighting for you but you can only have one of them out at a time as to keep close to the story.

-Custom weapons and armor such as the Armored Duster and the Decruster will also make an appearance, with the later sold by none other then Sleazy McCheapkins in his ship. (Along with many others Frosty encounters in their respective locations)

-Perks featured in the story will also be featured, giving to the PC when they level up and completed a certain task in Frosty's storyline.

-The Mysterious Stranger (Who may or may not be part of Frosty's imagination) will appear every once in a while to lend a helping hoof with deadly accuracy (and talk a lot when off-duty.)

These are just a few of the things that will go into the mod and there are many more to be included, but once it is finished it will truly provide an unique gaming experience for all. :twilightsmile: If you wish to assist me in creating this simply shoot me a message on FiMfiction or search up on Steam as "Maverick Hunter". I am on a majority of the time and can be reached on either or simply reply to this thread.

Also,There is no definite completion date as of yet but I can only hope that it will be complete within the next three years or so, hopefully less depending on how many ponies assist me.

That is all.

(Sorry if theses seem but a bit jumbled, but I can give clarification to those who don't understand)

Edit: I've already got some support on this, and if you know anypony who knows their way around GECK shoot them a message for me. They don't even have to like ponies in general and won't have to. They can just work on weapons or armor instead.

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If I'm ever doing another one of these, it's gonna be black and white. I suck at colours.
Maverickhunter2 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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Honestly, I just completed something with flat colors and THAT took me forever. Not to mention took little-to-no skill. It's awesome regardless if you suck with colors.
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[link] Sorry this is just a WIP for the time being. I just wanted you to let me know if anything needs changing. (Other than the fact that it needs to be finished...)
Maverickhunter2 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Holy crap man....

That looks awesome! Pretty accurate so far so keep on drawin'!
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